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Supporting the pairing of
Vincent Valentine and Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough.

Welcome to vincentxaerith; a haven for fans of the pairing of Vincent Valentine and Aerith Gainsborough of Final Fantasy VII fame. As there didn't seem to be any communities dedicated to this, I took it upon myself to create one. Fans of the couple seem to be rather few and far between, and I hope to create a place where we can all convene. Feel free to join up and introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit about yourself and what drew you to the couple.


[01] Please be a fan of the pairing. This community is dedicated to Vincent/Aerith, so logically one would want to be a fan of the pairing to join. If you don't like them, simply don't join. We don't want to hear from you and surely there's somewhere else you can vent your frustrations.

[02] Feel free to post anything related to Vincent and Aerth -- fanart, fanfiction, poems, icons, graphics, song lyrics, whatever. For large graphics, long stories, or more than 3 icons, please put them behind an LJ cut. Any explicit material (sexual/extreme violence) should be posted behind an LJ cut with the appropriate warnings.

[03] Please try to stay on topic. Discussion of the two separately or their roles in upcoming games/movies/etc. is fine, but please try to keep other characters and such things to a minimum.

[04] Please be polite. Respect each other and other's opinions. Discussion and friendly debate is welcome; however, arguments and drama have no place here.

[05] If you have any questions or wish to become an affiliate, please feel free to contact a mod.

[06] Have fun. We command this! >:|!



exNihilo; Home of "I Know What Lies Beneath The Snow Fields", easily the most popular and recognized Vincent/Aerith fanfiction. Complete at 100 chapters.



Feel free to contact us if you wish to add to the list, or if you know of any Vincent/Aerith sites/communities/etc. that we may have missed.


I'm open to messages if you need to contact me!